How I held on to the last ounce of hope with my fingertips to survive horrific abuse.

Maybe this was another way to torture the children, to force them to watch, and force them to hear, the seconds, minutes, hours and years tick tock down the drain right before their very eyes.

You’ll cover your ruined body and hide.

Photo by Anastasia Vityukova on Unsplash

And Why UK Mental Health Services Are So Cruel

Photo by Stormseeker on Unsplash

Everyone in the car knew that she would be spending Xmas Day behind bars.

‘Attention seeking nuisance is what she is’

I just want to fuck

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

You’ll be stabbed in the heart then tossed in a bin.

Photo by Ian on Unsplash

Rows of beds like rows of graves.

Michelle Torez

Author, artist & #mentalhealth campaigner. Never give up ❤️ Latest books here —

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